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Handball live streaming matches are now available online. Watch live coverage of the EHF Champions League, Women's World Championship and many domestic leagues for free.

One of the major tournaments with exclusive online streaming rights is the EHF Champions League for both men and women. The EHF Champions League is deemed to be the most important professional club handball competition in the whole of Europe.

The competition was first formed during the 1956-57 season and is part of the European Handball Federation banner. After an original qualifying stage teams are then put into a group phase of the Champions League. All matches are played in a Final Four format and the winners of each group book their place in the group phase of the EHF.

Another major handball tournament that is streamed live online is the Women's World Championship. The Women's World Championship falls under the International Handball Federation and has been held every two years since it first launched in 1957.

The first trophy was held in Yugoslavia in 1957 with Czechoslovakia taking home the title thanks to a 7-1 success over Hungary, who won silver. The hosts took bronze after beating West Germany 9-6. Russia are seen as the dominant force in Women's Handball in Europe and they have won the World Championship on four separate occasions, including three on the bounce from 2005 to 2011.

Other leagues that are featured online include the German Bundesliga, Austrian Handball League, the German Super Cup and the Spanish Liga Asobal.

Whether you are new fan to the world of handball or have been a follower for years, now you can keep tabs on your favourite team throughout the year with high quality officially licensed live streams.

To watch Handball live streaming, simply follow these three steps:
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  2. Select bet365 > Live Streaming > Handball
  3. Watch Handball live streams online

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