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Speedway fans are in for a treat this year with the start of live streaming of top class action from the Elite League and Premier League in the United Kingdom.
Speedway in the UK was first formed in the 1920s but the sport has seen a dramatic change over the years and now has three domestic leagues, their own Grand Prix and an annual entry into the Speedway World Cup.
The live streaming action will be hosted by At The Races thanks to a new partnership with Go Speed International and they will provide technology to beam an audio/visual service of live and archive speedway races and data six days a week to fans via PCs, mobiles and tablets with the Elite League and Premier League taking centre stage.
The Elite League is the number one division in the UK and is governed by the Speedway Control Bureau (SCB), in conjunction with the British Speedway Promoters' Association (BSPA.
The league is sponsored by Sky Sports and consists of 10 teams, racing against each other home and away plus ten "B" fixtures during a season which runs between March and October. Each team has a designated race day on which they normally stage their home fixtures, and they regularly have home and away fixtures scheduled in the same week.
The Premier League is the second tier of speedway and was founded in 1995 when the two divisions of the British League were amalgamated. In 1997, the Elite League was created as a new top tier with the Premier League becoming the second tier.
As of 2014, there are currently 12 teams competing in this tier of British Speedway, contesting six competitions for silverware. These competitions are Premier League, Premier League Cup, Premier League KOC, Premier League Pairs, Premier League Fours and the Premier League Riders' Championship.

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