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Challenger Tour

Challenger Tour Live Streams are now available to watch and bet online.

The Challenger Tour is the second tier of men’s tennis, for players ranked between 80 and 300. It’s the often neglected backwaters of the game but if you’re looking to spot the next rising stars on their way up, this is where you should be watching.
All the great champions have served their time on the Challenger Tour in the past and most famously, Andre Agassi found himself slugging it out at that level back in 1997 having won Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold, barely eighteen months earlier.  For the likes of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, they stood out as special talents with big futures even while they were learning their trade at that level.
The tour provides players with an interim stage between low level futures events and the main tour. Players at this level often compete in qualifying for ATP events and also Grand Slam qualifying. It’s generally accepted that players inside the top 150 can just about make a reasonable living financially from their prize money but for those ranked lower, it’s a matter of scraping by and so these tournaments are especially dog-eat-dog.
The Challenger Tour circuit runs for eleven months of the year and the importance of events is determined solely by the total amount of prize money on offer. The pot varies from $35,000 up to $150,000+ and along with whether the tournament provides hospitality (lodgings and food) for players, this determines how many points a player earns from winning each match.
The Challenger Tour is a little biased towards clay-court specialists with events on the red dirt held virtually every single week. Unlike on the main tour, the clay court season never really ends and if you don’t fancy competing indoors or on grass you can generally head somewhere in the world where there’ll be a clay event.
Recently the ATP have introduced an end of season Challenger Tour Finals for the top seven players who have won the most challenger titles that year plus one wildcard at the host nation’s discretion.
You can watch and bet on Challenger Tour tournaments online each week. All you need is a free account with an online bookmaker such as bet365 and go to their live streaming > tennis live stream service.

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